About Us

Hello!  I’m Katie, a mum of three young children.  Katie’s Kids Clothes is run by myself and my husband. We sell good quality, affordable second-hand children’s clothes to customers all over the UK.

Katie’s Kids Clothes started by accident when I decided to declutter our house.  Like all kids, mine are constantly growing out of clothes, and I’d ended up with a mountain of stuff that didn’t fit them anymore but it all still had plenty of life left in it.

I have never been one to just throw things away, so I advertised the unwanted clothes for sale at low prices to other mums and was immediately overwhelmed with the demand for good quality clothes at a lower cost than brand new items.

Katie’s Kids Clothes is now my full-time focus. I buy second-hand kids clothes from other families who are in need of more space, but don’t have the time to sell the clothes themselves.  I love helping families to declutter, and then passing those great clothes onto other families in need of them.

I make sure all of the items we sell are clean, in good condition and reasonably priced, and I list all items individually so that you can create your own bundle of only the items you want.

Hopefully you’ll find a few items that you like.  If you do, we can deliver them anywhere in the UK. 

Any questions, do get in touch!