We're delivering as normal, with a few extra precautions

31st March 2020: As you are likely to be aware, the UK Government has imposed restrictions on UK citizens due to coronavirus, including the closure of many types of business and the need to remain at home.

You can still order and we can still deliver

At the time of writing, none of the restrictions in place is preventing us from running our business normally and safely.  This means we are continuing to take orders and will do everything we can to send baby and kids clothes out to families throughout this crazy time.

There are a few small changes, as we have described below.

Taking extra precautions

Ours is a family business employing nobody but ourselves. Our workshop is self-contained and nobody else has access.  This means we do not come into contact with anyone during the working day.

Our local Post Office remains open and is happy to continue to receive parcels from us.  Every precaution will be taken when dropping off parcels, in line with social distancing advice. We are minimising the number of trips to the Post Office wherever we can. We pre-pay for our postage online, so we drop our parcels and go.  No queueing required.

To minimise visits from delivery drivers, we placed large orders with our suppliers in late March 2020 and are well stocked for consumables.

You can no longer collect from us

One change that we have had to make is that we will not be offering an option for customers to collect orders from us until the UK Government confirms it is safe to do so.  All orders will be posted out until further notice.

New stock is being quarantined on arrival

When we get a delivery of new stock, we are imposing a minimum quarantine period of 7-days from the time it arrives with us.  The items are being quarantined away from other stock in a safe environment.

Including the extra time it takes to then sort, check and wash new items, it will be a minimum of two full weeks between new stock arriving and being listed for sale on the website.

Given the latest medical studies indicate the maximum period the virus has been proven to survive on any hard or soft surface is 2-3 days, we are confident that our quarantine measures are extremely safe.

We’re here so you can get the clothes your kids need

We’re lucky that our circumstances mean we can both self-isolate and continue to run our business.

We’re pleased to be able to help families all over the UK buy affordable children's clothes at this difficult time. With the high street shops now closed and self-isolation meaning many Facebook groups are no longer operating, we know how important online shops like ours will be to parents with growing children.

With this in mind, I hope you will continue to order from us and I wish you and your family good health and happiness over the months ahead.

Katie x